Как в вк сделать сохраненные фотографии

Как в вк сделать сохраненные фотографии

Как в вк сделать сохраненные фотографии

Как в вк сделать сохраненные фотографии

Как в вк сделать сохраненные фотографии

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Альбом по умолчанию доступен только Вам. Если Вы хотите изменить его приватность, это можно сделать в «Настройках» в соответствующем пункте. В момент сохранения можно выбрать альбом, в который Вы хотите поместить фото.

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For almost 10 years, VK has been making users happy and all this time we've tended to be more user-friendly, attractive and modern.

VK Team has worked on the new design for months and, since this April, first users started helping us with it. During this time we've done a great work – we've managed to fix thousands of bugs, reviewed some features, got users' feedback and finally are ready for the final step – fully switching to the redesign.

The old version remains in history and in our hearts and it's time to go further. We know it won't be easy to get used to, but it's the same VK you love, renewed and ready to conquer new peaks.

More information about our redesign you can find in the official VK Team blog: . For frequently asked questions, search here: .


We have updated our audio section on 27.04.17. The old design is gone forever but the new and cool one is here to stay.

What's new:
– All audio albums have been automatically converted into playlists
– Playlists can be added to your own music collection and attached to wall posts and messages.
– You can also add a cover and description to your playlists.
– For those who want to evaluate the popularity of their music collections, we added a counter of views and plays.
– Updated Suggested music.

You can read about this update in more detail here: .

Old audio albums have automatically been transformed into playlists.

- Playlists can be attached to posts and messages (one playlist per post)
- Every playlist has a play counter
- A track can be added to several playlists simultaneously
- Once a song is deleted from a playlist, it get deleted only from this playlist and still remains intact in all others
- You can edit the order of the songs in your playlists.

Even more — you can subscribe to a user’s playlist and follow all the changes in it.

To edit a playlist put your cursor on its cover and tap on the pencil icon. Upload a cover, change the name, edit the description, add or delete songs. Once you update your original playlist, all its copies will be updated as well.

We have noticeably updated out “Suggested music” section. Now you can find even more great new songs.

This section allows you to easily reach the playlists of your friends and communities, listen to new songs, popular tracks and also find your recently listened songs.

We have temporarily removed the beloved by many “Genres” section. It is currently under development. We will try to make it even more comfortable and sensitive to the preferences of every single user.

There is no way to restore deleted messages.

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Be careful — extensions, apps and sites that promise you to restore your deleted messages are dangerous. There is nothing behind these empty promises but malware that aims to steal your passwords. By using them you risk losing money and access to your page.

Please check if other apps are working. If they are up and running — then probably the developers of your app are currently working on it or maybe they have decided to close it completely.

Usually when things like this happen app's developers inform users about it in the official community the link to which is available under the app. You should send all your questions and concerns to this group.

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